Porto Flip Recipe

Porto Flip Ingredients

Our Porto Flip recipe consists of the following ingredients – we always attempt to include substitutes where it is possible:


How to make a Porto Flip

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    Fill the shaker with crushed ice up to the half. Pour brandy, ruby port and an egg yolk (or the whole egg if you feel like it) into the shaker. Shake it well for not less than half a minute.
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    Strain it into a wine glass. Sprinkle it with some nutmeg. It is optional to add a spoonful of sugar if you feel the cocktail is not sweet enough.

Tips & Recommendations

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1695 might have been the year when Porto Flip cocktail was invented. For the first time the word 'flip' was mentioned in the Oxford Dictionary in 1695, so some people believe it might have been connected with the cocktail. Back then the word had the meaning of a certain mixture, a drink that consists of several ingredients, such as beer, rum, sugar, etc. and has a tendency to froth. The frothing effect was very difficult to achieve centuries ago, but now it is rather easy. Porto Flip is somewhat fizzy as well, maybe that is why it is categorised as a flip.

If you didn't manage to get a little froth on your cocktail by simply shaking it as it's mentioned in the recipe, just add a bit of whipped cream. But be ready that the taste is not going to be the same. You can always try to expreriment with the flavours by adding sugar, sugar powder, cream, etc. Some people prefer to add the whole egg to it instead of just egg yolk - it is a matter of personal taste.

We recommend that you serve it as a digestive - i.e. after dinner, so to help your digestion. Enjoy your drink and have a nice meal!


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