Golden Cadillac Recipe

Golden Cadillac Ingredients

Our Golden Cadillac recipe consists of the following ingredients – we always attempt to include substitutes where it is possible:


How to make a Golden Cadillac

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    To make this cocktail is actually surprisingly easy. One will need to blow the dust off the blender, since we'll be blending down the ingredients, along with some ice. To do this, place all the ingredients into your blender, and add half a cup of ice. Blend the mixture for a short period of time depending on your preference – we recommend approximately 15 seconds, but there's no mimic a jet engine, since the low speed of your blender should suffice.
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    People usually serve the cocktail in a champagne glass, which is typical of drinks that are categorised as being digestif. As is common with many cocktails, the mixture should be strained into the glass, and garnished with anything that seems suitable – such as a cherry.

Tips & Recommendations

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The Golden Cadillac may sound more like a flash American car, but in actuality it is a cocktail enjoyed by many thouands of people around the planet. The name itself doesn't relate too specifically to the colour of the cocktail, since your cocktail should be a creamy colour, not a golden colour. If you're left with a golden colour, then there's a good chance you did something disasterously wrong.

The Golden Cadillac cocktail is an IBA official cocktail, and is typically considered as a cocktail to be enjoyed after a dinner – what the upperclass would refer to as a "digestif".


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