Caipirinha Recipe

Caipirinha Ingredients

Our Caipirinha recipe consists of the following ingredients – we always attempt to include substitutes where it is possible:


How to make a Caipirinha

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    Take your easily found ice cubes and refined sugar, and place them into the glass. As mentioned in the description, the typical glass type is an old fashioned glass, but any tumbler glass will be more than perfect.
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    You'll then want to muddle the ingredients – alternatively you can use a wooden spoon. This will mash the ingredients together to release the flavour of both the sugar and lime. Most likely you'll want to do this for a minute or two.
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    Then remove the ice from your freezer, and place a good amount of ice into the glass, depending on how chilled you would like your Caipirinha. You don't want to water it down too much, so no more than 5 ice cubes. Some people even crush the ice using a suitable blender, but this is optional.
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    Finally you'll want to pour the Cachaça – or a well chosen Puerto Rican rum, over the rocks. Typically people don't prettify the cocktail with fancy additions, but one can drop in a straw like you would do with a Mojito. All you need next is to find yourself some sunshine so you can have that authentic Brazilian experience!

Tips & Recommendations

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When immersed in the exotic environment of Brazil, drinking an authentic Brazilian cocktail would definitely by a welcome addition to the taste buds. The Caipirinha is considered to be the national cocktail of Brazil – like the Mojito is for Mexico. If you're looking to make this cocktail at home, then there's one problem that might stand in between you and your dreams – the curious addition of cachaça! However, this can be substituted with a nice drop of Puerto Rican rum – but make no mistake about it, this is far from a perfect substitution.

Luckily, the other ingredients in the Caipirinha are a little easier to find – most people can get their paws on some ice cubes and lime, which compensates for the interminable walking up and down the alcohol aisle looking for cachaça.

If, however, you're not too fond of committing blasphemy against the national cocktail of Brazil, due to not being able to find the correct ingredients, then one can replace the cachaça with vodka, to make a variation of the Caipirinha cocktail – a Caipiroska! You can then drink your exotic cocktail in the full knowing that your cocktail is authentic.

Nonetheless, if you've succeeded in find the cachaça, then the Caipirinha cocktail is typically served in an old fashioned glass, with the alcohol and other items poured on the rocks to give it that desired chill. Although if you don't live in a warm country like Brazil, then you can always forget the ice – but Alcomixer does not endorse this in any way, shape or form!

Caipirinha Pronunciation

  • Brazilian Brazilian
  • British British


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