This cocktail first appeared in the United States, in Hollywood - introduced by Donn Beach, a restaurant owner in 1930-s. Apparently, Donn would mix this cocktail to help his clients cope with hangovers but it usually led to a completely opposite result - they claimed they felt like zombies after taking 'the potion'. As you can tell from the list of ingredients, Zombie has got plenty of alcohol in it but it's well hidden under the layer of fruity flavours that may deceive you. For years upon years the inventor managed to keep the secret recipe known only to himself. These days the usage of cocktail is universal: it's both a great means for hangovers and also a fabulous chance to get absolutely drunk if you are this way inclined. It's good for parties as a sort of surprise for your friends and a way to make those that believe they need 8 cocktails to get 'somewhat tipsy' change their minds. As you can see, the cocktail is pretty complex, so it takes a special occasion usually to find all these ingredients at once. Enjoy the sensations and don't let the fruity taste lead you astray.