Whiskey Sour

For the first time, the cocktail named Whiskey Sour was mentioned in a magazine published by an Argentinian university in 1962. The magazine claimed Eliott Stubb to be the author of the drink. According to the legend in 1872 the outrageous sailor decided to disembark at a port called Iquique, Chili, and to settle down there. Later on, Eliott opened a bar there. He didn't have that much experience in mixing drinks himself, therefore there was lots of room for practice. So, one of his experiments, namely, Whiskey Sour turned out fantastic. This caused a birth of a new cocktail hit. Then, the recipe spread pretty much all over the world. Also, there is another version of the cocktail's origin. Some say, it was Jerry Thomas who first published the recipe of this drink if his Barbook in 1862. The name can be explained quite easily: whiskey is the main alcoholic ingredient, while sour taste is caused by the fair amount of lemon juice added to the drink. Sugar syrup and egg white are meant to balance the strong sour taste, bringing this drink to a harmony taste. Any sort of whiskey can be used to mix Whiskey Sour, be we do recommend that you use either bourbon whiskey or canadian whiskey, since it influences the taste greatly. If you dislike the proportion of the ingredients, you can always make it stronger or sweeter as much as you like.