Tom and Jerry

Upon first hearing this cocktail's name, the common association is a hopeless yet unfortunate cat, and a cunning and cheeky mouse. Fortunately there are no tails and whiskers in the Tom and Jerry cocktail. This cocktail is a common Christmas cocktail served in the United States. If you like Eggnog, then this is a cocktail that will probably be to your taste, since they are both very similar. Since this is a Christmastime cocktail, it is usually served warm in a mug. In that sense, the Tom and Jerry cocktail can be considered to have similarities to coffee, rather than a cocktail. It also contains an abundance of hot milk, which definitely helps to reinforce its similarity with coffee – and in particular a latte or a cappuccino. Interestingly, this cocktail has no associations with the MGM cartoon, Tom and Jerry, but instead relates to the name of its creator's book – Pierce Egan, which was written in 1821. Many of the Tom and Jerry recipes do not quantify the amount of brandy one should add, and whilst you're free to experiment, the usual amount of brandy is somewhere around 30ml (~1 US fluid ounce) per mug.