The Modernista

The Modernista is one of those cocktails that was evidently developed by an angry alcoholic, since the alcohol content of this cocktail is far beyond what any sane person would be consuming — unless a broken heart is the symptom of the day, in which case, drink away. While it does contain a difficult to find ingredient — a drop of Swedish Punsch, any rum flavoured liquer would be suitable. Once you have all the ingredients, the cocktail itself might be quite a challenge, and so it's most certainly not for the faint-hearted, from the beginning until the end! Despite Scotch being used in the drink – which is a notorious ingredient for being used as a base in a cocktail, due to its difficulty in combining it with any other flavours, The Modernista is surprisingly tasty! And with its alcohol content combined with the flavours, it's sure to awake every one of your five senses. Due to the rarity of some of the ingredients, bars, clubs, and even tiki bars alike won't offer this cocktail on its menus. This gives you a good opportunity to make a drink that is not at all common, which is sure to make a good story if you were to knock up a Modernista for your girlfriend. You can explain how you've been to the four corners of the earth looking for Swedish Punsch. If you drop in a little white lie about how it was all for her, then you're sure to be on the right path to a romantic evening! Nonetheless, don't let the Scotch, Rum, and Punsch get the better of you — since your romantic evening could soon take a turn for the worse.