Tequila Boom

This cocktail is extremely popular for being so nice and easy to make. It's a simple drink containing only two ingredients tequila being the alcohol base. It is refreshing and light and its original trait is certainly the boom that occurs just before you drink it. In fact, the lemonade that is added can be replaced with any sparkling beverage. Some like it with coke, so to add a bit of colour, the more enthusiastic enjoy the addition of beer. The cocktail is quite strong, so if you are hungry one or two will probably be enough to make you quite tipsy, especially so if you mix it with beer. If you would like to experiment, you can change the proportion of the ingredients to make it stronger or weaker. To make it more spicy you could add a bit of lemon/lime juice. The glass used is usually quite plain, without fancy decorations. We do hope that the explosion that occurs will help you get rid of all the negative emotions, relax and enjoy your fabulous drink. Give it a try.