Advocaat is quite a curious ingredient, but it's also rather perplexing what to do with it when you have a bottle of it. Of course it can be consumed without adding anything to it, but the consistency tends to be too thick to be considered a drink, and therefore people usually choose to create cocktails out of advocaat. A snowball is one such cocktail that turns your advocaat into a more manageable consistency. The Snowball cocktail is quite popular in Britain, where it can be found in regular pubs, as well as in supermarkets in ready-made forms. The Snowball is not considered an alcoholic's drink, but rather as a so-called winter warmer, where people drink it just to keep warm. It is also consumed by people who feel they should drink on special occasions, since the alcholic content is a Snowball is not excessive in the slightest. There are some notable adaptations of the Snowball cocktail, which may use brandy amongst other such ingredients, but the addition of advocaat is the original Snowball recipe – and don't let anybody tell you otherwise! The Brandy version of the Snowball tends to allow for the addition of an egg into the drink, which is encroaching on advocaat's territory, since advocaat consists of eggs, sugar and brandy. If you wish to make the alternative Snowball recipe, then you can substitute the advocaat for one egg, 30 ml of simple syrup, and 60 ml of brandy.