Singapore Sling

Sling is an ancient drink that used to consist of some really strong alcohol, such as gin or vodka, some sugar and a bit of water. The Singapore Sling is relatively modern - they say it was first mixed some time around 1915 in Singapore. Its author was a barman called Ngiam Tong Boon, who worked at Raffles Hotel, Singapore. Although the recipe was changed a lot as the time passed (some people started adding soda or replaced the pineapple juice with fresh juice, etc) the original recipe is still preserved carefully at Raffles Hotel. An accident helped to keep it: they say one day a client asked for the recipe off a waiter, so he put it down on a bill for him. Later on it got restored from his notes. Mostly, the drink was preferred by the ladies since it was of the nice bright pink colour. The taste of Singapore Sling is quite specific: it is slightly grassy with a taste of bitterness yet very exquisite and original.