It is still unknown whether Sidecar was born in Paris or in London. If we believe the English legend, it was Pat MacGarry, a barman at Buck's Club, London, who first mixed the classic drink. As to the name - they say, when Pat was trying to think of a name for the new beverage, a motorcycle bumped into the bar's window. But, thankfully the cocktail became so popular that it paid for itself very quickly. At the same time the drink of the same name was becoming extremely popular in Harry's Bar, Paris. Anyway, no matter where it came from, Sidecar is considered a classic cocktail these days. It has quite a few variations, such as Balalaika (a Russian traditional musical instrument) - where vodka is supposed to replace the cognac base; Bourbon Sidecar with its main alcoholic ingredient being bourbon; White Lady - to make it just use gin instead and many others. Undoubtedly, this drink is to be tried by all the cocktail fans all over the world.