Sex on the Beach

It is curious how the name of this cocktail has been changing throughout the time. First, it used to be called Sand in Your Shorts. Then the US menus would list it as Fun on the Beach (as nobody wanted to abuse the word 'sex' on the menu). But these days everyone seems to be shameless! There are quite a few variations to be made - while vodka remains the main alcoholic ingredient, barmen all over the world Midori Liqueur and pineapple juice, for instance, the Modern Sex on the Beach has got pineapple juice in it instead of orange. If you can't manage to find cranberry juice in the local shop it is possible to replace it with grenadine. Coconut rum can be the alternative for vodka if you would like to make the cocktail milder. Minus the orange juice and you will get the drink with a strange name of Woo Woo. Sex on the Beach is very summerlike - it is fruity and refreshing and has a bright orange colour. This cocktail can be compared with a hot day that you spend under a palm tree on the seaside. And remember that if you are short of certain ingredients it is not a problem at all - there are plenty of ways to substitute them.