Sea Breeze

When heading out to the Bistro after a hard days work, you may want to consider ordering a Sea Breeze cocktail rather having just your usual drink. This tangy beverage contains not only a strong alcohol content but a colorful juice which adds an appealing presentation when it sits on top of a coaster at your favorite bar. This amazing drink tastes as great as it looks. It usually is served on the rocks in a highball glass along with a slice of lime which is used as a garnish.You can also request to have your Sea breeze cocktail shaken adding a foamy appearance at the top of your drink. Sea Breeze is more readily available in the summer months due to the availability of the fruit ingredients. The history of the Sea Breeze cocktail started in the late 1920s forward the end prohibition. These cocktails gradually became popular among many drinking establishments and soon being recognized internationally as well.The Sea Breeze drink has even been selected And became a International bartenders Association (IBA) Official cocktail. During the 1960s they finally earned the title of being one of the top 10 most popular mixed drinks. However, in recent years this popularity gradually declined as new recipes were introduced to drinking establishments. This resulted in competition by offering several more choices to patrons. I introduced a friend of mine to this drink and he loves it. He tells me almost the same thing the potato chip commercial tells me "I can't stop drinking em", and if that's not convincing enough to try one, you need to go where I go and take advantage of the buy one get 3 free specials. After a round of those I'm sure it will be enough for you to make up your mind whether or not this is the drink for you. The original recipe used to include grenadine and gin. In the 1930s it would comprise gin, apricot brandy, grenadine, and lemon juice. Nowadays Sea Breeze is much simpler to do. Cranberry juice gives it a fruity, sourish taste. You are supposed to drink it steadily, enjoying the breeze, since it is one of the so-called long drinks. Also, there are plenty of variations to this classic drink. For example, one could use pineapple juice instead of grapefruit juice, or you could omit cranberry juice.