Sazeral is a typical local cocktail of New Orleans, and it is sometimes referred to as the oldest American cocktail. Apparently, it was first prepared by John Schiller in 1830-s, and later in 1859 he presented the new drink on the opening of his bar of the same name. These days it is proclaimed to be the official cocktail of New Orleans, Louisiana. The cocktail can be served either in an old fashioned or in a rocks glass. The batrenders all over the world are still undecided whether you should add any ice to the cocktail, but most think it's unnecessary. The bitters you use for the drink are suppposed to be aromatic and sweetish, usually with a floral flavour. When mixed, the cocktail should be garnished with a twist of lemon, but you shouldn't put it inside the glass, but rather squeeze it, so that a little juice gets inside and then place it on the edge of the glass. Sazerac is quite a strong cocktail, that's why it is usually more popular with men, rather than women.