Salty Dog

The legend is as it follows: once upon a time some Russian sailors arrived in Texas, US, and decided to play poker with the local cowboys. As usual the men were drinking. The cowboys enjoyed strong cocktails with grapefruit juice while the sailors decided to add a bit of salt to it - since they got used to salty drinks when in sea. The game was on until early in the morning, and the Salty Dog was ordered numerous times. If you happen to like spicy drinls you may experiment a bit and try the so-called Spicy Dog variation. To make it you need to add a drop of chili powder to the cocktail. Also, it is possible to substitute gin with vodka. Then the cocktail will be called Greyhound. The latter is rather bitter, while Salty Dog has a piquant salty taste thanks to the salt rim on the glass. So, if you dislike the bitterness of grapefruit, this drink is a perfect match for you. It is best enjoyed on a sultry summer day.