Rusty Nail

The colour of the cocktail may somewhat resemble a rusty nail, but this is the only similarity - the taste is much better! It is a sort of counterbalance of the hot whisky taste and the sweetish taste of drambuie. Some people find it too sweet but it can be easily changed by just reducing the amount of drambuie added to your cocktail. If you don't have any rye whiskey at your disposal, don't worry - you can try and add any other whiskey or Scotch. The Canadians tend to simply add Scotch and their version of the name sounds like Donald Sutherland. Such drinks - the mixture of really strong alcohol, such as whiskey and a certain liqueur got classified as 'duos'. Rusty Nail is considered a very popular duo. Typically men like it much more than women do, but if you were to make this cocktail for your lady, then she won't be disappointed. Just try to experiment with the proportions until you reach the nice balance of hotness and sweetness.