Rum Runner

If you like your cocktails all nice and fruity, then the Rum Runner is a good selection. It has certainly grown in popularity in recent years, amongst perhaps the more trendy of drinkers. However, it is nonetheless a fantastic choice for all tummies. Falernum should be your first choice, ahead of the more commonly found Grenadine. Falernum tends to be made up of almond, ginger, sometimes cloves, allspice and vanilla, with a little lime for good measure. If you're not able to find any Falernum in the supermarkets, then Grenadine will have to suffice. According to the legends, the Rum Runner was created in and around the 1950s in a little Tiki bar in Islamorada, Florida. Cunningly, at the particular bar it was invented, there was an exceed of rum and a few liqueurs that needed to be used, before there was room for any more alcohol in the bar. Et voila! The Rum Runner was conceived, and people took a liking to it. The barmen naturally did not expect this cocktail to persist, but little did they know that this cocktail would reach a modest popularity in the years to come. The original recipe is somewhat more complicated than this version here, but one might find it difficult to have found all the liqueurs to satisfy the original recipe, and this way you'll also save some money.