Rose is a vermouth based cocktail that has quite a vague name, and therefore not too many people have heard of it, since Rose can be one of a thousand things, whereas the Bloody Mary and Mojito have distinctive and memorable names. Nevertheless, this doesn't make the Rose cocktail any less of a cocktail, and is in fact very tasty, especially if you're head over heels for cherries! Fortunately there aren't too many ingredients that go into the Rose, but sadly the traditional ingredients aren't overly common, and therefore you would most likely need a special trip to the supermarket for the ingredients, unless you're a fanatical cocktail maker. You might find the ingredients loitering about in the supermarkets, but ingredients such as a common eau de vie, Kirschwasser (Although Bols do a nice one) — which is nothing more than a fruit brandy — in this case, a cherry brandy, might be more difficult to find. While there are no perfect alternatives to Kirsch, there are other fruit-based brandies which are more than sufficient. For example, in countries such as Albania, Serbia, and other Eastern European countries, there is an alcohol called Rakia which is a good substitute. There are several varities of the Rose cocktail, which makes it even more difficult to discover the original recipe. Three common adaptations include the English Rose, Toyko Rose, and the French Rose. We have tried to find the original recipe for Alcomixer, but unfortunately there aren't too many references to the Rose cocktail in any of the cocktail books, despite it being an IBA official cocktail. To make matters worse, the many adaptations are often simply referred to as "Rose".