Rob Roy

This cocktail was named after a legendary Scottish folk hero Robert Roy MacGregor, who was, apparently, a cattle-stealer, the Scottish Robin Hood. They say, the drink was first mixed at the Waldarf Hotel in New York, in the area close to Broadway where an operette of the same name was on as well. The cocktail became famous mostly because Scotch Whisky got widespread all over the US. It's important to mention that its only difference from Manhattan is the 'e' in the word 'whiskey'. While Manhattan has got rye whiskey as an indespensible ingredient, Rob requires whisky - its Scottish variant anyway. This beverage has got a nice complex aroma to it and a specific taste. This flavour is created thanks to the mixture of grassy sweetness of red vermouth and the strong note of scotch, which are supplemented by bitter. We recommend that you use Agnostura bitter, since it seems the most traditional one for this drink. It is a perfect relaxing drink most suitable for an evening party. You can alter the proportions of the ingredients to your personal taste - to create a dry version just use dry red vermouth, to mix a so-called Perfect Rob Roy take both dry and sweet red vermouth in the same parts.