Red Devil

There may be many connotations for the Red Devil cocktail. For those British people amongst you, the Red Devil will bring the football Рsoccer for those North Americans out there, team Manchester United to the forefront of your minds. For the alcoholics out there, the Red Devil is an energy drink that can be consumed after a night-out drinking, just to revive the few brain cells that remain. As for the Satanists, well, enough said. With its generous amounts of vodka, triple sec, scnhapps, gin and southern comfort, the Red Devil cocktail shouldn't be taken lightly. If you feel like losing consciousness one night, then perhaps this is the ideal cocktail. When you get the people with the clich̩s telling you to look after your liver, tell them the orange juice is full of vitamins! This cocktail gets its colour from the addition of sloe gin, which is a red liqueur that has been flavoured with blackthorn berroes Рoften called sloe Рor prunus spinosa, to give the pretentious Latin name. Sloe gin can be made at home quite easily, but can also be bought ready-made in any good liqueur shop. Serve this in a traditional cocktail glass, with a little sugar to frost the rim of the glass, for that authentic look, feel and taste.