Pisco Sour

If there is a good reason to fight a war, then the Pisco Sour might be as good a reason as any! Both the Peruvian and Chileans lay claim to inventing this quite simple cocktail, which has Pisco as its main ingredient – and only alcoholic ingredient. If you originate from the United States, then the limes used in the Pisco Sour are simply referred to as "limes", but the Peruvians refer to them as "Lemons", where the actual name is a Persian lime. Nonetheless, one can use just normal, every day lemons and limes in this cocktail, since one would find it difficult to differentiate them. Since Pisco is commonly found outside of South America, the Pisco Sour cocktail has increased in popularity in recent years. It would be rather easy to compare this cocktail with a Mojito or Caipirinha, but in truthfulness, it possess a unique taste of its own, with only mild connotations with the aformentioned cocktails. The cocktail itself originates back to the 16th century, where according to various anecdotes, the Spaniards brought across the grape to Peru. Then with King of Spain's forbidding the use of wine in the 17th century, it forced the locals to concoct a different kind of alcohol from the grape, and thus the Pisco was born. Contariwise, the Peruvian connection to the Pisco Sour can be found in the story that says the cocktail was invented close to the the Plaza de Toros de Acho in Lima, Peru. However, this story dates back to the 18th century, and therefore is two centuries after the Peruvian story. When all is said and done, it doesn't particularly mattered who invented the cocktail. More should be said about its fantastic taste, which makes it the perfect drink for summer! Pisco itself tends to be a colourless brandy made from grapes, which does in fact stem from Peru, which puts the debate about where it originated from back on track for another thousand years. For those who do not care for its origin, we can simply appreciate its delectable taste!