Park Avenue

In the memorable times of 1940 in New York, power and wealth were sought after in great amounts. Fortunately for many, there were many cocktails to complement those times &ndash; and the Park Avenue cocktail was one of them. With its alcohol content being quite high, you might want to be a little careful with this cocktail, since it won't go easy on you. However, the taste is exquisite! It is served in a feminine cocktail glass, which would imply that it's more suited to the female variety. However, this would be a mistake. These days we are pigeon-holed into thinking that anything with style and elegance is associated with females &ndash; think of beer being consumed out of pint glasses. This, to many, is a symbol of man. The problem is, if you think like <strong>this</strong>, then you are sadly mistaken! In Mafia places like Sicily, the symbol of man was drinking delicious cocktails out of refined glass. This signified such things as wealth and power. Unfortunately this cocktail seems to have disappeared into the clouds a little bit. However, the original recipe is still very much available in various cocktail books &ndash; and now here on Alcomixer! It combines the beautiful taste of gin, with a hint of vermouth, with a generous amount of pineapple juice for that memorable taste.