What else can be said about the Paradise Cocktail besides it is a classic and timeless before dinner drink. It is a smooth, sweet and fruity cocktail that makes it a perfect aperitif. The history of the Paradise Cocktail is just as rich and delicious as the drink itself. Harry Craddock was a bartender in New York in the mist of prohibition, and through this misfortune paradise or at least the Paradise Cocktail was found. After serving the last legal cocktail in America at The Old Holland House, Harry Craddock took a boat to London where he started working in the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel and vowed never to return to America. That is where he found his fame and fortune virtually creating over 250 cocktails, one of those being the Paradise Cocktail. The American Bar located in the world famous Savoy Hotel in London was the first bar to introduce cocktails to Europe. In fact, it was named the American Bar with the sole intent of selling American cocktails. Craddock started out by working in the service bar but by 1924 he had become the head barman. In 1930 at the height of his career Harry Craddock wrote the famous book "The Savoy Cocktail Book" which is still in publication today. The book consisted of 750 cocktail recipes and a very small chapter on wine.Craddock was never a big fan of wine and that became obvious in the book. Once prohibition had ended Harry Craddock only came back to America once. In 1934 the Ritz Hotel was trying out an exchange of international bartenders for their pink glowing cocktail lounges and the famous Harry Craddock was one of the first to be invited. In 1947, at the age of 74, Harry Craddock retired from bartending. The times of smoked filled lounges and piano bars are just a part of history now but paradise is not lost, at least not the Paradise Cocktail.