This cocktail was invented by a bartender in Florida. The story of its creation is quite simle: once upon a time, a pretty girl entered the bar called something like Flying Deer. She couldn't make up her mind as to which drink to choose, so she asked the bartender to mix her a special drink that is unusual and tasty but is not on the menu. The barman was quite resourceful and experienced and also possessed a good imagination. So it didn't take him long to think of this combination. The girl enjoyed the beverage so much that she would come back every evening and order only the new wonderful cocktail. That is how Orgasm appeared. The name of the drink may me be of a metaphor - you have to drink it quickly and to catch the very moment. The secret of a successful Orgasm is to be very accurate in measuring the proportions. There are lots of variations of the cocktail, the most common being using Amaretto liqueur, Vodka and Triple Sec instead. Also, White Creme de Cacao, and Light Cream can be added. This version is usually called Screaming Orgasm. Also, there's plenty of room for imagination in decorating the cocktail. The classic option is to serve it with a cocktail cherry on the edge. But the cocktail can be made more festivite if you decided to also add slices of banana and grapes to the edge of the glass. If you want to make it girly and pretty you can even add some whipped cream in top, a few berries and a long thin straw. For variety's sake kiwi or melon can be attached as well. Enjoy it!