Old Fashioned

This cocktail is called Old Fashioned because it has been there ages ago, besides it is mixed in an Old Fashioned glass. It is so old, that it was even mentioned in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884). Also, this was the favourite drink of President Truman and his wife Bess. Ever since it has been known as a traditional, strong cocktail that sometimes may be healing. It is curious that there are quite a few versions of the cocktail: for the so-called Old Fashioned Candy you need to add some soda or lemonade and for the Old Fashioned Acid you add some citrus juice, whichever you like most - lime, lemon, orange, etc. As for the traditional version - you are supposed to choose out of the 3: bourbon, rye whiskey or scotch could be the main ingredient (but not all at a time). It is quite rough, but ithis effect is somehow neutralised with the addition of sugar. Also, it looks elegant. Try it if you feel like something strong but we must warn you that it is not an easy one, so it might take you a bit of practice to get the authentic taste.