The Negroni cocktail is a gin and vermouth based cocktail that is usually consumed as an apéritif, which is the fancy word for a drink consumed before dinner. It is a semi-transparent cocktail with a red tinge to it. Apparently the Negroni was created when Camillo Negroni asked the bartender to make his favourite cocktail, an Americano, slightly stronger, by replacing the soda water of the Americano with gin, inevitably creating a different cocktail. To differentiate the two cocktails, the Negroni is commonly garnished with a wedge of orange, rather than the lemon found in the Americano. However, unless you're a stickler for tradition, a lemon would be more than fine in the Negroni. After the cocktail became popular in Florence, Italy, it later spread around other parts of Italy, and was eventually made into a ready-made drink by the Negroni Family. It has since become a popular cocktail — finding its way onto the prestigious list of the IBA official cocktails. The preferred pouring method is what is commonly referred to as "on the rocks" — which means the cocktail is poured over ice. The glass is typically the old-fashioned glass, which is similar to that of a tumbler glass. The ingredients ratio, as specified by the IBA themselves, is an equal amount of each ingredient — one part gin, one part sweet red vermouth, and one part campari. However, these can naturally be adjusted to suit an individual preference. Many people in making the Negroni tend to reduce the vermouth content slightly.