Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine is traditional for places like Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland and pretty much everywhere in the Northern Europe and usually is a hit on Christmas, especially so at the open markets. The first mentions of wine mixed with spices goes back to the Ancient Rome. Back then it wasn't warmed up though, this feature appeared in Europe in Middle Ages. These days there are different versions and names for Mulled Wine but the base is the same - hot wine with spices. You would hear Glühwein in German-speaking countries, Glögg is Sweden and Iceland, Glögi in Estonia and Finland, Glintvein in Russia and many other curious names. Mulled is an absolute hit for when it gets cold - it's only natural. Usually dry red wine is used as an alcoholic base - it shouldn't be sweet or too strong. Some also add rum or cognac. As for the spices there are plenty of options: ginger, cinnamon, cloves, anise, pepper, cardamom, etc. Honey, apples, nuts, raisins, grapes and any sourish berries can also be added to taste. It is important that you add some sugar, but not too much as the hotness of the drink will only emphasize it. You will know you made everything right if your drink didn't boil, it is moderately sweet and spicy and has a beautiful aroma to it. It is supposed to taste lovely and to give you warmth inside that can't be compared to the effect of tea or coffee. In my personal opinion, this is the best remedy not only for cold but also for any sort of depression connected with cold dull weather or anything else really. It makes you feel cozy, comfy, peaceful and warm, although it is not so for all the people - you just love it or you don't.