Mojito Royal

The taste itself of the Mojito Royal is significantly different to that of the original Mojito — and not quite as nice, in my personal opinion, however it certainly has to be tried, especially if you have a couple of bottles of champagne lying about after the Christmas festivities. The difference lies mainly in that champagne is added to the drink. This makes it not only fizzy but also and quite strong. The lime taste is not so distinct anymore, since champagne tends to have a strong flavour of its own. The colour also changes from transparent to yellowish. This version of the world famous Mojito is more widespread in Northern Europe than anywhere else. If you are a sophisticated fan of Mojito (which most people are) then you might want to try this version, too. Thankfully there are lots of things you can alter about it, so to find the perfect one for yourself. Anyway this one may seem too strong for you, but it is not a problem, of course, as you can just reduce the amount of champagne and spiced rum added. To stress the authentic lime taste add more lime juice. Enjoy!