Mimosa is an exceptionally festivite cocktail &ndash; its name is a flower, it looks bright and yellow and it is to be served chilled in a wine glass, all nice and sparkly. Both its name and taste are supposed to remind you of spring. There is an opinion that Mimosa was created by an embarrased young lady &ndash; she asked the barman to dilute her champagne with some orange juice, having got a bunch of beautiful flowers with a note 'Thanks for the wonderful evening' from a stranger. Apparently, barmen all over the world love experimenting with this drink, adding a drop of this or that liqueur, various sorts of wine, certain spices, etc. It possible to replace sparkling wine with champagne or add pretty much anything else to the beverage since orange juice is difficult to spoil. Though, the original variant has got many fans anyway. It is possible to serve it even for lunch, also it is usually a hit on any wedding party. Some say, the French love this cocktail as a supplement to their breakfast (or even drink it instead of the main meal). It is always nice to be in the nice mood straight from the morning! In Britain it is unlikely that anybody will have heard of the Mimosa, instead one should ask for a <a href="">Buck's Fizz</a> and simply specify the ratio of sparkling wine to orange juice. If you want your drink to be a decoration of some special party then it is recommended to serve it in either a wine glass or a special champagne glass &ndash; it has to look sophisticated and elegant. It is possible to decorate it with a sugar rim &ndash; it can be also sprinkled with lemon or orange juice to give the sugar a pretty colour. And of course it is a must to attach a berry or two, or a twist of lemon, or a slice of orange to the edge of the glass. Now all you need is a beautiful thin straw and there you go.