The Margarita is one of the more popular and tasty alcohol drinks around. It is the speciality drink that is served in every Mexican themed restaurant around. It is served on the rocks which, means poured over ice – typically in a salt rimmed glass, with a slice of lime to finish it off. One thing that people agree on — apart from its impeccable taste, is that the Margarita originates from Mexico – somewhere. It is the "where" in Mexico, as well as the "when", that people argue about to this very day. To be safe we can say that it was invented some time in between the mid-1930s, to late-1940s. Likewise with the person who invented the drink — in that this also open to debate due to conflicting information surrounding the Margarita. Many people have experimented with the recipe and added flavored liqueurs to it much like they have with another popular drink, the Martini. Adventurous people will add things like blue curacao, melon flavoured liqueurs, berry flavored liqueurs, and orange flavored liqueurs to spice it up a little. However, a purist would never appove of such variations to one of the most popular tequila based cocktails — especially in the United States. It seems that even the non-alcoholics amongst us know of the Margarita cocktail from the Jimmy Buffett son, "Margaritaville". If you go to his place in Key West, FL you will see hundreds upon hundreds of people sitting back drinking the ice cold Margaritas, and singing Jimmy Buffett songs all night long. Every one of those people are dreaming that they are on a serene island somewhere, laying in a hammock with a cool Margarita in their hand. He has made a career singing about his lost shake of salt. Whomever it was that actually came up with the drink, we are indebted to their creativity for eternity. On a hot summer's day, nothing is better than laying on a chaise lounge chair, with an ice cold Margarita in your hand. You can just sit back and relax without any worries, while thinking about your own lost shaker of salt.