This one was first mixed in one of the New York bars in 1874. Some say it was Winston Churchill's mother that first tasted it at a function in honour of presidential candidate Samuel J. Tilden. That time the drink was mixed by Dr. Iain Marshall. Apparently, the cocktail was a great success, so it spread quite soon. On the other hand, the story might seem somewhat unrealistic since Lady Randolph Churchill was supposed to be pregnant back then, therefore she would hardly want to try this beverage. The less romantic ones assert it was created by the barman called Black that worked in Manhattan bar in 1860-s. Anyway this drink is quite popular these days. It is traditional to use rye whiskey for it but there are variations with Canadian whisky or bourbon that do not contain rye usually. As for bitters - it is a field for experiment, too: it can be Agnostura bitters, or orange bitters and others. Use your creativity and the potential of your bar and you'll create a masterpiece sooner or later.