Long Island Iced Tea

If any of you wonder why on Earth such a strong cocktail is called Long Island Ice Tea, let me explain. As many other cocktails, this one was created in the sad times of dry law. Since it looks and even smells exactly like tea (especially with a slice of lemon in it) people would drink it from tea cups, pretending innocent. (I wonder how they managed with it being so strong). They say, some sort of competitions and bets were extremely popular: who can drink more ice tea and still be able to walk? There also is a legend of a man, whose girlfriend wasn't too fond of his love for alcohol, so when in bars she would always make him order ice tea. But when the girl looked away (the poor thing), he would always ask the barmen to add a bit of unsuspicious looking alcohol. Of course, lots of men liked his techniques, so Long Island Ice Tea became one of the most popular cocktails in the world. (Especially when one is enough to get drunk with.)