John Collins

This cocktail is quite old - it was invented around 200 years ago by a Maître d'hôtel of a posh London hotel. Back then they used to mix it with Old Tom Gin, mostly. That is why this drink is sometimes referred to as Tom Collins. To make it easier, some people call it just Collins. Others tend to believe it was the US that gave birth to this cocktail. This part of its history remains unclear. It has a lot in common with a cocktail named Gin Fizz but the main difference is that it is to be mixed straight inside the glass. It is a very refreshing drink and is especially loved by those who prefer fizzy beverages. This cocktail is just perfect for a summer party outside or just on a hot day, it isn't too strong. Usually it is extremely popular on the tropical beaches and at hotel bars in hot countries. To make it less alcoholic you can reduce the amount of gin and instead add some more soda. To give it a more defined sour taste, logically, you are to add some more lemon juice. Experiment and enjoy.