It's natural to initially be perplexed when you first encounter this cocktail, and you would be perfectly right in being so! Mulled Wine may be the closest do this drink that you can possibly find, with its warming sensations. However, this German cocktail combines the delicious red wine with black tea, to create the most curious of cocktails. If you like the flavour of Mulled Wine, then there's a good chance you will like the Jagertee cocktail. Since it is beautifully warm, it is often consumed in the winter months in many Central European countries Рsuch as Germany, Switzerland, and Poland. The Jagertee comprises of a lot of ingredients, but one can quite easily find ready-mixed packets to make the Jagertee cocktail in the supermarkets. However, as with most packeted items, they are usually inferior to if you make the cocktail yourself from scratch. Due to its warmth ,the Jagertee cocktail is typically referred to as a "Apr̬s-ski" drink. This is another fancy French term for having a drink after a day of skiing. Mulled Wine is usually another apr̬s-ski alcoholic drink. The Jagertee has become a popular drink amongst tourists in the Alps. Unfortunately, this drink has been the cause of many skiing accidents, due to its high alcoholic content when consumed avant-ski Рin English that is before skiing, which is quite insane! If you can get your hands on the Stroh rum, which is an Austrian variety of rum, then it comes highly recommended for that authentic taste. For every day people, this cocktail will be enjoyable in the middle of winter, with a warm fire burning away, a nice film on the television, a few well chosen biscuits, and you and your girlfriend ensconced on the sofa, surrounded by a thousand cosy cushions.