Irish Flag

This is a great layered cocktail devoted to a national symbol of Ireland - its flag. I have never been to Ireland, but they say the Irish are very welcoming people and are extremely proud of their country. Is that so? Naturally, there has to be a cocktail to express their hospitality and to present the country, so well-known for its alcohols. Besides, it seems a brilliant way to use the world famous Irish Cream. Naturally, the ingredients are well chosen to match the colours. Brandy is a variable strong alcoholic base and in theory can be replaced with whiskey. Though, as it happens, most people tend to prefer the brandy version. This cocktail seems appropriate for a warm evening in the company of closest friends, for a theme party or just for no reason. Just because you love Ireland or fancy a good shot! It looks most impressive when served in a few shot glasses in a row. If it is a special Irish party then you could add some more symbols aroung such as sprinkle leaves of clover around.