Grog is a world famous hot alcoholic drink that is based upon the mixture of hot tea and white rum. It is quite ancient for a cocktail - the name originates from the 17th century. Apparently, it derived from Edward Vernon's (a British vice-admiral) nickname - Old Grog. We all know that in the Navy and among seamen in general it was common to consume lots of rum - so that to protect themselves from various diseases and cold an to celebrate the free life in the sea, of course. Edward Vernon didn't quite like the situation with half the sailors being ever-drunk, therefore he proposed a new version of the drink - rum was supposed to be diluted with hot or cold water and lemon juice. At first the workers disliked his invention but later it spread. These days tea is most commonly added to Grog. The spices added vary - in fact, there are plenty of variations. As for lemon, it can be replaced with lime or some other citrus. Sugar is optional, too. The main alcoholic base can be substituted with whiskey or cognac. A nice addition to consider is a bit of honey - it will give it a festivite Christmassy kind of flavour and make the cocktail somewhat milder. Another original version of this drink is Coffee Grog. The difference is obvious - you just replace tea with coffee. The drink is perfect for winter holidays and parties and also for the lonely cold evenings and sad moments. It will definitely cheer and warm you up!