Most cocktails have a traditional proportion of the ingredients. However, with the Grasshopper this can be tweaked to your own individual taste. Which means you can experiment with the ratio between the creme and the menthe, according to your preference. Due to the presence of the menthe, your cocktail at the end should be a beautiful greeny-blue colour, similar to the perfect picture of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, or the colour of the water in a volcano crater! Apparently the Grasshopper comes from the bar, Tujague, in Louisiana. As with many cocktails, it became increasingly popular over the years, as the word got around – in the case of the Grasshopper, it gained a lot of popularity in the southern regions of the United States, and then moved across the Atlantic to Europe. It is traditionally served in a cocktail glass, which would appeal to the lady cocktail drinkers. There are several adaptations to the Grasshopper – including a curious variety that contains mint flavoured ice cream to enhance its mint taste!