Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic is a simple and extremely popular cocktail. Basically, it's a mixture of gin, tonic and sometimes citrus (lime or lemon) in various proportions. The addition of ice cubes is optional: to taste. Apparently, the cocktail appeared in India, invented by the British soldiers. It was well-known that tonic contained quinine, therefore all the soldiers were advised to drink tonic regularly so to protect themselves from malaria. But most of them would ignore this recommendation, so the then army leaders came up with a brilliant idea to motivate soldiers by adding some gin to the drink, gin being the favourite alcohol of the British people back then. The cocktail turned out to be not only healing, but also quite refreshing which made it very popular. The drink is quite strong, though it depends on the proportions, so don't take too much of it at a time. Not to be confused with canned 'Gin and Tonic' which, unfortunately, quite often has little to do with the actual ingredients listed.