The cocktail is named after the Italian hero - Giuseppe Garibaldi. He lived in the 19th century and fought for the independence of his Motherland Italy. When it comes to "Aperitivo", the Italian cocktail hour in Italy, the Garibaldi Cocktail, is considered high on the list of favorites. The cocktail was named after the most famous military figure of Italy, Giuseppe Garibaldi, and his band of so-called 'red shirts'. Garibaldi lead Italy in its effort to reunify the country in the mid 1800's, and won by forcing the Bourbon army out of southern Italy, and taking control of Sicily. The Garibaldi cocktail, with its red colour, earned the nickname from the band of soldiers that wore a typical red shirt as their battle uniform. Garibaldi was once quoted as saying, "wine has drowned more men than Neptune", and would probably be prouder of the Garibaldi biscuit that bears his name, instead of having a cocktail named in his honour. However, Giuseppe Garibaldi's opinion that wine was the wrath of grapes, has not diminished the popularity of a drink enjoyed by Italians and tourists throughout Italy. Aperitivo, mistaken by American tourists, as being an Italian "happy hour", is actually just a fine cocktail hour, served at lunch cafes through out all of Italy, and in the evening when enjoying fine Italian dining. The cocktails are usually not discounted at all, as in American happy hours, but served at a higher price than normal, allowing for a appetizer of sorts to be included with the cocktail. The food that is served to supplement the drink, usually depends on the restaurant's meal and bar menu of the day. Cocktails are normally served along with chips, cheese, a fruit dish, or Italian tossed salad. Although more popular in Northern Italy, the aperitivo cocktail is served in most all of Italy, and usually considered the most leisure way to open a meal with socializing, relaxation, and nibbling before enjoying a full course Italian supper. Have a Garibaldi cocktail with a tasty Italian serving of chips and cheese, olives, and light fruit salad, and you are enjoying the true taste of the day in Italian touristry.