French Connection

When having a nice night at home with your loved one, or having an elegant night with company for dinner, one thing not to forget is the sophisticated cocktail — with nothing more elegant than the French Connection! Fortunately this drink is an elegant and is easy to make cocktail, that is great if you are having a nice dinner out at a restaurant as an after dinner drink. The French Connection cocktail is meant for sipping — since it is meant to be classy and stylish. Imagine yourself being thrown back to the past, where the cigar smoking is commonplace, sat in the smoke filled lounges, with a melodious piano playing in the background. You're there, sipping on a fine cocktail in a traditional cocktail glass. The history of this incredibly smooth cocktail is not as easy to know compared to others. By the name alone, you're already in the safe knowledgeable that the drink originates from France — but it's also one of their most popular cocktails in the upper-class side of the French culture. It has a combination of two different types of alcohol of the highest quality. The warm feeling as you sip on the cocktail leaves the flavors of both ingredients – the cognac and the amaretto. Naturally it goes without saying that the French Connection is up there with the Long Island Ice Tea in its alcoholic content. Nevertheless, sipping this cocktail will leave you feeling warm, relaxed, and perhaps a little nostalgic.