French 75

The drink was first mixed in Paris, in Harry's New York Bar by a bartender called Harry MacElhone. Also, it was him who included the cocktail into a reference book ABC Cocktails in 1923. In 1930 it was also included in the famous Savoy Cocktail Book. The cocktail got its name from French 75mm howitzer artillery piece. The name varied: some called it just 75, some preferred 75 Cocktail or the French version of Soixante Quinze. The drink got its popularity later, in the US. The name of the drink is supposed to reflect its power - that compared to one of the weapon of the same name. Apparently, such a mixture is more than capable of giving you a strong kick. The cocktail can also be based on vodka or brandy instead of gin. The taste of the original cocktail is quite refreshing, a bit sourish and fruity. You can serve it decorated with some citron, a twist of lemon or a slice on the edge in a champagne flute.