Fountain of Youth

It's not often you get a cocktail stemming from Russia, but according to a few sources – perhaps sources close to the FSB, since information is scarce, this cocktail does in fact originate from inside Russia. Some people like to add pomegranate to the Fountain of Youth cocktail, mostly because of its taste, but sometimes you get the occasional individual looking for the antioxidant properties of pomegranate. Usually it comes down to what's in your fridge, however, and cranberry juice is just as good. It's a good idea, like in many cocktails, to use fresh ingredients where possible. This means fresh cranberry juice or fresh pomegranate juice, as well as a nice fresh lime to complement the cocktail nicely. Russian Standard Vodka tend to promote the Fountain of Youth cocktail, but there is absolutely no need to use their vodka, since any vodka will do. After all, just what difference can an expensive bottle of vodka make? For a Russian cocktail, it sure does offer a good amount of vitamins when using fresh ingredients. The Fountain of Youth has also been known to have included fresh blackberries and raspberries in place of the fresh juice. This will be sure to increase the amount of carbohydrates in the cocktail, and in all likeliness, the fibre as well. Depending on your tolerancy to vodka – or more specifically, whether you're a Russian or not, you can adjust the amount of vodka to suit your individual taste.