Death in the Afternoon

The famous author and journalist Ernest Hemingway was famous for many things, but not too many people know that he should be famous for a curiously named cocktail, the Death in the Afternoon cocktail – its name taken from Hemingway's book of the same name. While it was by far not the only cocktail that he invented, it was purported to be his most favourite cocktail according to one or two sources. It is known for its decadence, but also due to its alcohol content, for its strenght as well, so be careful! There are numerous ways of making the cocktail, yet Hemingway's original recipe is rather simple, and other people have simply contributed adaptations of the cocktail – including such ingredients as sugar cubes and dashes of bitter to the mixture. However, Hemingway never ventured to add these, most likely because he loved the taste. And as this was the case, why add or remove anything at all? The cocktail itself is of a milky appearance, which is due to the reaction between the absinthe and the champagne. Often when making this cocktail, the absinthe floats on top of the champagne for a little while, which creates an attractive layer that can be appreciated by creative types and non-creative types alike! One thing to note is that Ernest Hemingway recommended drinking the Death in the Afternoon cocktail slowly, but he also recommended 3 to 5 consecutive glasses of it, which may be decadent, but comes recommended from us, too! After all, treat yourself.