Cherry Beer

This is a very unusual drink that is unlike such classics as Grog or Mulled wine we are all used to. The only similarity is that it's as hot and spicy. Now, let's take a look at the ingredients: beer, cherry alcohol, citrus...What a mixture! It does seem completely ridiculous to mix those in the first place, but then to also warm it all up! But it turns out surprisingly well. Have you been to Belgium? Have you tried their authentic fizzy cherry sweet beer? If you did and you liked it, you will probably enjoy the hot version as well, though it's clearly not for everyone. Cherry beer is a good option for a warm party with friends on a cold winter evening. It seems a nice variant for Halloween, too, when it's high time for experiments! You can offer this drink to your guests and leave them guessing as to what it consists of and how it's made. If you are a fan of hot cocktails and want to try something new - this one is definitely for you.