This is a festivite cocktail most suitable for such great parties as New Year or one's birthday. Champagne being the main ingredients always gives you a sense of some special holiday. Apparently this cocktail has a long history - it was first mentioned in the far away 1862 in the first cocktail recipe book called How to Mix Drinks by Jerry Thomas. It may sound very strange now but back then the book would recommend you to...shake this drink! Sounds like madness now with it having sparkling wine in it. Later on the cocktail was modified in Harry Johnson's New and Improved Bartender's Manual - some fruit were added to the list of ingredients. Then, the bartenders started adding cognac to it. Having experienced such a change Champagne became extremely popular, moreover it was included in the 10 best cocktail recipes according to Esquire in 1934. These days there are plenty of variations of the cocktail - you can call it brandy or cognac, you may add brown or white sugar. And of course it's up to you how much brandy or champange to add. This drink will be a perfect match for those that are not too fond of champagne itself, and maybe think that it is lacking something. But this drink being stronger and more original with its complex taste and orange aroma might be the one you've been looking for. When preparing the cocktail remember, that you shouldn't stir the ingredients, just pour them inside carefully one after another. Enjoy your beverage.