Cape Codder

This is a lovely refreshing long cocktail which has indeed become a classic. Apparently, Cape Codder is a sort of script. The drink was named like this as cranberry juice is supposed to encipher the alcohol's taste really well. Some even say the spies love drinking it, too, as a sort of professional drink. Actually, the mix of cranberry and vodka is more of a Russian typical flavour that any other place. Therefore, the origin of the drink is not clear. There aren't too many variations on Cape Codder, though you could try making it with or without ice, adding cranberries or not, or perhaps sprinkling some lime juice inside the glass to alter the taste slightly. Sometimes vodka is also replaced with light rum. Lemonade can also be added to taste. The drink is a nice option for a hot summer day. It's not really strong and has a fresh flavour.