If you've ever ventured to make a Caipirinha, then you'll no doubt encounter the difficulty in finding the cacha̤a to go into it. Especially if you don't live anywhere close to a South American country. Therefore, instead of replacing the cacha̤a with rum, cocktail enthusiasts instead opt to make a Caipiroska Рwhich is almost identical to the Caipirinha, but with vodka instead of the cacha̤a! You may think that due to the absence of cacha̤a, the Caipiroska may be an outcast in places like Brazil and Uruguay, but you would be mistaken! It happens to be a very popular cocktail in both of these countries. It has especially grown in popularity in recent years due to the availability of international vodkas Рsuch as those delicious Russian vodkas, in South America. The Caipiroska is commonly served in an old fashioned cocktail glass, as is the Mojito and the Caipirinha. Another similarity is that the Caipiroska is poured over ice, with a wedge of lime to finish it off nicely.