Buck's Fizz

This cocktail originates from London, Great Britain. It became popular during 1920s as an antidote to morning hangovers after a typical night at a pub. These days it tends to be chosen as a wedding drink since it is slightly less alcoholic than traditional champagne. Buck's Fizz, the most popular alcoholic drink, is called so because it is named after the founder of the Private Gentlemen's club, Capatin H J Buckmaster. Founded way back in the year 1921, Buck's Fizz is still a popular treat among many and it is told that the secret recipe remains guarded at the Buck's club in London, New England. If one were to wonder, as to how would a cocktail make up for the drinking lot then the Buck's Fizz can be categorized as an excuse to begin drinking. Stories were foretold that the Buck's fizz, the mix of juice and champagne, was created so that drunkards, or rather to insist "the drinkers", had an option to begin drinking early. Quite intelligently crafted to suit the ‘drinking needs' of their customers, the Buck's fizz cocktail was believed to be served by Mc Garry, one of the Buck Club's barmen, in the year 1921. Several competitors stood against the Buck's Fizz cocktail, say for instance, the Mimosa Cocktail, admix of sparkling wine and OJ; but the Buck's Fizz had its own stance. Now, if you were to question if Buck's Fizz cocktail is a drink suited only to the all-time drinking association, the answer would be a definite NO. Simple reason being, Buck's Fizz cocktail can also be served as a part of weddings, and is most popularly chosen as the next alternative to the popular and costly drink champagne. Too much of partying and too much of drinking the previous night would have left you all muzzled and dizzy. In such a case, Buck's Fizz cocktail can also be served as an antidote to wade off the hangover by making it easy to drink without the fizz and plunge. Ideal to serve and drink, the Buck's Fizz cocktail is apt for any occasion, be it a party, a get together or any happy occasion and much more. If you desire that extra tinge of fervor in your party, then spice up Buck's Fizz cocktail with sparkling wine instead of the routine champagne and enjoy the difference.