In 1899, at the famous Waldorf Astoria hotel bar there was a barman called Johnnie Solon. When trying to please a particular guest he once added a bit of fresh orange juice to Martini. It turned out so well, that the hotel had to order kilos upon kilos of oranges every day. They say, though, that the cocktail gained its name not because of the area but thanks to a huge zoo that has just opened close to it and became a real hit among the visitors, too. Bronx is somewhat similar to both Manhattan (well that's to be expected) and Perferct Martini cocktails. In 1934 it even managed to get on the list of Ten Most Famous Cocktails in the World under number 3, just after the two mentioned above. As fot the taste, it is supposed to be rather fruity and mild. It is not very strong and is usually served as a digestive (after the meal). There are some variations: if you feel like experimenting you can add an egg white - this one will be called Silver Bronx. Logically, and egg yolk will help you create a Golden one.