Brandy Eggnog

The story of the drink started off long ago, when people would consider it the most suitable family drink for Christmas, mostly in the UK. It was prepared for all the guests at a time, all in one big bowl. Traditionally, it was mixed by the Father of the family. The word 'nog' lalso used to refer to a special type of strong ale, which was usually stirred with an egg. Nowadays the English love experimenting with the ingredients of this cocktail, too: say, if you try and substitute brandy with sherry you will get a Sherry Eggnog. You could add rum or whiskey as the alcoholic base for you beverage, too. Those that dislike the nutmeg flavour can easily replace it with cinnamon. Milk can be substituted with cream if you would like a thicker eggnog. Some even use ice cream. Of course, if you are keeping to a diet, there is always an option for you as well - just use low-fat milk. These days it is more of a party drink, often mixed individually instead of a big portion. When preparing this drink always make sure that eggs are fresh and that you shook it well. Merry Eggnog!